[vc_column_text]Before winter hits, it is important to ensure your landscaping is prepared. Your lawn and landscapes are just as important as home preparations before winter.  Winterizing not only protects your lawn and landscapes, but it also allows your plants to flourish during the spring and summer months. Below, Huskie’z Landscaping will discuss a few tips to make sure your lawn and landscapes withstand the harsh winter that is soon to come!

Remove Dead Limbs and Plants

It is crucial to remove any dead plants or limbs. This helps to clean up the area as well as prevent diseases. Your local landscaping company will be able to determine what should be trimmed and removed. Removing a live plant or limb can result in a diminished overall look or a damaged plant respectively. Play it safe and call your landscaper!

Aerate and Seed

Aerating your lawn and seeding will ensure that your summer lawn looks great. Aerating and seeding can be a bit confusing. What tools are needed to aerate properly? What kind of seeds do you need? Instead of trying to figure it out on your own, call Huskie’z Landscaping. We know the proper aeration and seeding techniques.


Fertilizing is one of the most important parts of keeping your landscapes healthy. Without the proper fertilization, your lawn and landscapes will not flourish. We know you have questions when it comes to fertilizer, as all landscapes require different types. Luckily, we have all the answers you need.

Instead of worrying, let the professionals at Huskie’z Landscaping handle your winter landscape preparations. Our team knows lawns and landscapes and will ensure your landscapes are ready for the harsh winter ahead. Winterizing should be done before the dreadful winter weather. Our team will customize your winter landscaping plan and make sure your lawn and landscapes will be bountiful for the spring and summer![/vc_column_text]