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Huskie’z Landscaping offers a wide array of services for our Salt Lake City residents. You may have an idea of what you want but no idea how to explain it. We know landscaping and we can talk you through all aspects of it. We are glad to show you that your ideas can quickly become a reality.

Our Services include: landscaping, lawn maintenance, softscapes, hardscapes, ponds, xeriscaping, sprinkler irrigation, and snow removal. If you are unsure if your idea falls under these categories, give us a call at 801-803-6301. We will be happy to help. No matter what you want, we have an expert that can make it a reality!

Lawn Maintenance

Gorgeous flower from a plant planted by Huskie'z LandscapingHuskie’z Landscaping offers extensive lawn maintenance. We know that you want your lawn to look beautiful all year around. We can help turn your regular lawn into a work of art. Salt Lake City has some interesting weather, but it can be damaging to your lawn. We will work with you so that your lawn remains beautiful year round.
Gorgeous flower from a plant planted by Huskie’z Landscaping


Huskie’z Landscaping offers hardscapes, softscapes, ponds, and xeriscaping. We work on garden landscapes, special landscapes, turf installation, rocky landscapes and more! It is very relaxing to walk out your back door and have a beautiful pond to look at. We can help with that too. We also offer xeriscaping. This is a type of landscaping that was developed so that not a lot of water irrigation will need to be used. We offer many services for our Salt Lake City residents. Just give us a call and set up a free estimate today!

Irrigation and Snow Removal

Huskie’z Landscaping also offers other services that you may need at some point. We offer sprinkler irrigation as well as snow removal. Utah weather is no joke, and we know you will need to have snow removed at some point. We offer home and business snow removal services. We also know sprinklers, no matter if you need a new irrigation system installed or need a repair on one. We will handle it for you!


Give us a call today at 801-803-6301. We can answer any questions you may have. We offer free estimates and many options to make your home or business perfect!