Huskie’z Landscaping of Salt Lake City – History


Zachary Hinckley, President and C.E.O., has always had a love for the outdoors. His father, Gordon Hinckley, taught him the importance of honest hard work. Gordon was the catalyst for Zachary’s interest in landscaping. Owning his own landscape maintenance company in the 1980’s and 1990’s to supplement the income of a teacher’s salary, Gordon taught Zachary many aspects of that industry. With that knowledge and experience, Zachary has formed Huskie’z Landscaping Inc. to provide the same quality to customers who need landscape maintenance. Zachary did not just want his company to be one dimensional. He wanted to provide every aspect of the industry.

After pursuing a baseball career and graduating from Bellevue University in Omaha, Nebraska, Zachary decided that if he was going to take over his father’s business, he better KNOW what he was talking about. That thought took him to one of the best horticulture programs in the nation – Utah State University. There he graduated with his second bachelor’s degree in Horticulture Landscape Construction. He learned to design and install sprinkler systems and landscapes including: xericape, water wise designs, native plant materials, plant types and characteristics. He loves learning every day about nature and how to beautify it through landscape design.

Not only does Zachary have the education but he has the experience too. Working for companies like Silver Leaf Landscape Inc, Bland Bros. Inc. and Paterson Landscape Inc. (now known as Odyssey Landscape) gave him the knowledge necessary to license and own his own company in the landscape field. The company slogan is “We Love What We Do,” which defines Huskie’z Landscaping, Inc. and its owner Zachary Hinckley.


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