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Protecting your Landscapes and Lawns During Winter Months

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Utah is known for its brutally cold winters. This type of weather can cause significant damages to your shrubs and plants. The wind and cold that is combined with the sun can damage the bark on your branches or kill limbs. It can also scorch foliage and damage flowers and roots. Ice can cause [...]

Top 5 Things to Know About Winter for New Residents

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Huskie’z Landscaping knows all about harsh winters, but we want to educate new residents on our winters and their landscapes. If you have never had to deal with a snowy winter, it can be very stressful. Especially not knowing what to do with your landscapes, lawn, and exterior of your home. Below are a [...]

Snow Removal for Commercial and Residential Properties

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Winter is on its way and with that comes a lot of snow. Don’t get us wrong; Huskie'z Landscaping loves the snow. We are like everyone else; it is perfect for skiing and other winter sports, but snow removal can be a pain. We aren’t your normal landscaping company; we offer a broad range [...]

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