Preparing your Landscapes for Winter

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[vc_column_text]Before winter hits, it is important to ensure your landscaping is prepared. Your lawn and landscapes are just as important as home preparations before winter.  Winterizing not only protects your lawn and landscapes, but it also allows your plants to flourish during the spring and summer months. Below, Huskie’z Landscaping will discuss a few tips to [...]

Dehydration- Dangerous for Plants and People

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[vc_column_text]August is notoriously the hottest, driest month of the year. It’s also back-to-school time, when families are busy with school shopping and last-minute vacations before resuming a regular schedule. It’s common for gardens and landscapes to begin to wilt during this month, as people get busier and the days get hotter. However, it’s important to [...]

5 Unique Hardscape and Water Feature Options

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Hardscapes can turn your home into a stunning area where you will want to entertain your family and friends. Hardscapes are built to fit your individual style and needs. Huskie’z Landscaping creates unique hardscapes that are truly one of a kind. If you are wanting to add curb appeal and increase resale value, a [...]

Summer Fun- With Features

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Water features are becoming more popular in homes across America. Typically, you only see water features at hotels, famous individuals homes, and some businesses. The secret is finally out, that water features are very affordable and easy to maintain. You do not have to own a huge home with ample space to have a [...]

Patios and Walkways- What You Need to Know

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Patios and walkways not only make your home look great but they also add value. A beautiful patio is perfect for enjoying time with family and friends. The team at Huskie’z Landscaping not only offers patios, but we also offer awnings and walkways. Our team is known for creating different walkways and patios to [...]

More Winter Melt Is On The Way- Is Your Drainage System Ready?

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The significant winter storm has caused major problems for everyone, including your landscapes. The winter melt is not safe for your home or landscapes. Luckily, if a professional landscaping company such as Huskie’z Landscaping completed your landscapes, then you should have a drain system to remove the winter melt. If you do not, now might [...]

Strange Weather and Your Landscapes

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The recent weather has gone from one extreme to the next. You are confused, and so are your landscapes! Huskie’z Landscaping has some tips to ensure your landscapes stay looking great, even if the weather is not. The winter weather has brought with it the wind, ice melt, and flooding. None of these elements [...]

Xeriscaping and Its Benefits

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Xeriscaping is becoming more popular as the need for water preservation becomes more important. Xeriscaping is a type of landscaping that reduces or eliminates the need for water. This form of landscaping has many great benefits for you and the environment. The landscapes not only look great, but they also save water. If you are looking [...]

Sprinklers and Your Summer Landscapes

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Sprinklers are a crucial part of your landscapes success. Without a well-designed sprinkler system, your landscapes will not get an adequate amount of water. This can cause your landscapes to look dull or die. Many people still water their landscapes by hand and then wonder why the landscapes die.  A sprinkler system is put [...]

Why You Need a Deck and Outdoor Living Space This Summer!

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Decks and outdoor living spaces add a special touch to your home. They not only up your curb appeal, but they also add value to your home. Decks and outdoor living spaces have become more popular over the last few years. This is for a number of different reasons. Huskie’z Landscaping has some tips [...]

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