Huskie’z Landscaping of Salt Lake City – Xeriscaping


Xeriscaping is a form of landscaping that involves using less irrigation. Salt Lake City has some of the hottest weather in the West. By using this form of landscaping you can enjoy a beautiful area, with less water and virtually no up keep from you. Huskie’z Landscaping stays on top of the ever changing and evolving landscaping tools and types. This is why we are experts in the field. We enjoy what we do.


No matter what the budget you have, we can make a beautiful xeriscape for you. We can work with any size land and any type of budget. Xeriscaping can turn any area into something breathtaking. The Salt Lake City area is known for some beautiful landscapes and we can turn your residential or business area into something you will be proud of.


Xeriscaping uses many different types of rocks, soil, and plants such as cacti. Huskie’z Landscaping can turn any boring lawn into something a lot more interesting. This type of landscaping can also save on mowing and water supply. If you are thinking of something that is very low maintenance then this is the type of landscaping for you.

Maybe you are trying to add a special twist to you residence or business. We can combine any type of landscapes to make it unique to you. Huskie’z Landscaping can take softscapes, hardscapes, and xeriscaping, to turn your area into something special for you. We can add a rock garden or a pond as well. The options can be endless.

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A form of landscaping that uses less irrigation.


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