Huskie’z Landscaping of Salt Lake City – Frequently Asked Questions

Find below the questions we’re asked most often!

A: We keep all our jobs within 25 miles from our shop address 14525 S. Redwood Rd. This is so our outstanding employees don’t have to have unreasonable commutes to and from work (your job site) each day.

A: Most average size landscapes take 2-3 weeks. Our employees show up each day, weather permitting, at the beginning of the day and stop work around 5pm.  We stay at each job site until available work is complete.  Your crew and project manager are with your job from start to finish.  You will actually meet your project manager at your bid.

A: Huskie’z only schedules bids through our website. There are fewer typos and faster service when the customers complete our form on our website. Complete our scheduling form here

A: Most basic landscape on a ¼ acre with fencing are $25,000 to $35,000. That would include Commercial grade sprinkler system with Wi-Fi capabilities, Topsoil, Sod, edging, weed fabric and mulch. Plant quantities will dramatical change the price.

A: We are usually 2-3 weeks out on our schedule. We work 12 months out of the year if possible and weather permitting.

A: Under normal conditions around 2-3 days. On specialty bids with pergolas, swimming pools, decking etc. the turnaround time may be as high as 4-5 days so we can check current pricing on materials.

A: No, Huskie’z Landscaping provides top quality service on all their services and can only warranty their work on all line items. If a customer wants to be the General Contractor and sub out different scopes of the project to different contractors, we are not interested. Scheduling and liability become too difficult to deal with an untrained home owner acting as General Contractor.