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Outdoor Living Spaces to Enjoy your Summer

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Your home is your special place. It is the place you can slip away from the real world and enjoy your family and friends. Summer means more time outdoors and more hours of daylight to enjoy your activities. Most people have a regular backyard with a grill and a pool, but what about an [...]

Summer Lawn Upkeep

By |2017-07-07T22:08:23+00:00August 18th, 2016|Landscaping Tips, Lawn Care Tips, Uncategorized|

Your lawn is the first thing people see when they pull up to your home. You want it to look great, as it is an extension of your home. Summer time is a difficult time for your lawn. It goes through many different climate changes. From raining and droughts to hot temperatures and more [...]

Summer is Here and my Landscapes Are Dying! Help!

By |2017-07-07T22:08:40+00:00August 5th, 2016|Landscaping Info, Lawn Care Tips, Uncategorized|

Summer can bring a mix of heavy rains and droughts. It is no surprise that your lawn and landscapes are suffering. Too little water and too much water can cause devastating effects to your landscapes. Huskie’z Landscaping is here to talk about some of the reasons and how to fix them and ensure your [...]

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