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Huskie’z Landscaping has been servicing the Salt Lake City area for over 10 years. We understand that landscaping can be a pain when it doesn’t turn out the way you had imagined. We can check out the area and give you a free estimate. Why do it yourself? We offer complete landscaping for your home or business.


We at Huskie’z Landscaping know how it feels to have something in your mind but are unable to put it on paper. Our expert staff can take a look at the area, and then draw up a beautiful design based off of your ideas. We want you to be 100% satisfied and we are sure you will be! We can design almost anything for you. We offer sofscapes, hardscapes, and xeriscaping, as well as ponds and rock gardens. Whatever your needs, we will help! We are Salt Lake City’s premier experts for the placement of plants, flowers, rocks, and turf.


Xeriscaping has become a popular part of landscaping in the recent years, and Huskie’z Landscaping knows all about it! We can design a beautiful area for your Salt Lake City house or business that will take a lot less water than traditional landscapes. We can build a beautiful oasis, without all of the irrigation and costs associated with it. If you are conscious about the environment, then give us a call so we can start creating the perfect xeriscape for you!


After a long hard day at work, it is always nice to come home and relax. It is a lot easier if you have a beautiful pond or rock garden to relax by. We can design and build the perfect pond or rock garden for your home. Salt Lake City is a beautiful area, and we can enhance it with a tranquil area just for you!

We can build your dream yard so you can take your next vacation in your back yard!

We can answer any questions you may have. We offer free estimates and many options to make your home or business perfect!

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Check out our projects to get some ideas for your own home!


We can come out and give you a free estimate.


A form of landscaping that uses less irrigation.


Your sprinkler & irrigation needs are covered.