Patios and walkways not only make your home look great but they also add value. A beautiful patio is perfect for enjoying time with family and friends. The team at Huskie’z Landscaping not only offers patios, but we also offer awnings and walkways. Our team is known for creating different walkways and patios to compliment your homes look. Below are a few reasons why you should add a patio and walkways to your home.


Patios aren’t just basic concrete slabs anymore. Our patios are created with different styles, colors, and designs to fit your individual needs. Patios make it easier to entertain your guests, as you can have attractive lawn furniture and space for your enjoyment. Patios also add to the value of your home, so if you are thinking of selling in the future, a patio may be a perfect addition. Patios can make built to completely enclosed, keeping you safe from bugs and out of the sun. A strategically placed patio can bring endless enjoyment. Your patio can be setup to overlook your landscapes and even waterscapes.


Dull walkways are a thing of the past. Huskie’z Landscaping designs and installs unique walkways that bring your home and its landscapes to life. We design walkways in a variety of styles and colors. Our team will even add lighting to ensure you, your family, and friends are able to see where they are going. Walkways are a must have for any homeowner, but why make them boring. Create them to fit your style and needs. While we add lighting to your walkways, we can also add lighting to your landscapes so your guest can see your beautiful lawn and landscaping in the dark.

Walkways and patios are able to turn a dull lawn into something beautiful. Our team creates some of the most unique walkways and patios available. We also create outdoor living spaces to set off your home from the rest. Surprisingly, patios, walkways, and outdoor living spaces are very affordable.