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For over 10 years Huskie’z Landscaping has been providing the Salt Lake City area with expertly designed softscapes. We offer softscapes for both residential and business properties. We know that softscaping can be expensive; that is why we are here. We can help you design a beautiful softscape with a budget that fits your needs. It doesn’t matter if it is a small project or a large one, we will make it a beautiful area that fits your home and your expectations.


Softscapes are identified as landscaping of living or organic materials. There are many different types of softscapes that can include plants, trees, shrubs, flowers, bulbs, turf and any other living material. Huskie’z Landscaping knows the importance of a well-designed residence or business. We offer many options and can tailor them to fit your wants and needs. We know what plants, trees, and shrubs, go best with what type of sun and elements. We will make sure your softscapes are always blooming beautifully at your Salt Lake City property.


Huskie’z Landscaping knows what it takes to make a beautifully maintained softscape. We will analyze all the elements that will go into your one of a kind design. We will ensure that all the softscapes are in the right positions to make your business or residence look beautiful year round. Landscaping is our business and we take pride in making Salt Lake City an even more beautiful place.

We understand how overwhelming and stressful it can be in finding the perfect softscape for your residence or business. Huskie’z Landscaping has the experience and the patience to help get you through it. We know you will have a ton of questions. We will always make time for you and answer all of your questions. We want to help you design your own personal getaway.

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A form of landscaping that uses less irrigation.


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