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Proper Lighting for your Outdoor Areas

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Lighting is a crucial part of your landscapes and hardscapes. It is also a critical part of your outdoor areas. Figuring out what type of lighting is needed can be confusing. With all the options and different sizes and types, it is overwhelming. Huskie’z Landscaping has some tips and info to keep you calm. [...]

Hardscapes and Outdoor Living Spaces

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Hardscapes and outdoor living spaces are becoming more popular. People love the idea of having beautiful water features and outdoor living areas to entertain their guest or to just relax with family. Huskie’z Landscaping has taken hardscapes to a whole new level with our outdoor living spaces and waterfalls. If you have always wanted [...]

The Importance of a Quality Landscape Designer

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Landscapers do not just provide gardening or lawn care services. Many people are confused as to what we really do! As landscape designers, our job is not only to survey your property but to find the right plants and shrubs for your property. We then design a unique landscape just for you, complete with [...]

Aeration and Your Lawns Health

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Achieving and maintaining an attractive lawn takes work. Regular maintenance such as mowing and watering is crucial for a nice-looking lawn. One way to help achieve the best look for your lawn is through aeration. Aeration can boost your lawn, leaving in greener and lusher than before.  Huskie’z Landscape is here to explain aeration [...]

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