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Have you ever thought about giving your property a fresh updated look? Huskie’z Landscaping has top of the line hardscaping products. We offer the Salt Lake City area elite products to make their business or residential area look new and beautiful. Our expert staff knows hardscapes and can help you find the right choice for your home or business.


Hardscapes come in many different forms. Retaining walls, walkways, path markers, and pavers are just some of the hardscapes that Huskie’z Landscaping has to offer. You can choose many different styles, colors, and types of hardscapes. Salt Lake City has some harsh climates; however Huskie’z Landscaping can ensure that you have the right quality and workmanship to withstand anything! We can design a walkway into a beautiful oasis with a pond or rock garden, then options can be endless.

Hardscapes can be a little more costly than other types of landscaping. The upkeep however, is very minimal and they will last years. Hardscapes can be beautiful if designed by the right people. Huskie’z Landscaping has the best designers and landscapers that Salt Lake City has to offer. We take pride in our work and it will show as you watch your beautiful new hardscape come to life.

Huskie’z Landscaping can also combine softscapes and hardscapes to make something unique. We will show you some beautiful designs and we can make it become a reality for you. Give us a call at (801) 803-6301. We will come out and assess the area, next we can talk about your budget. We can make something beautiful no matter the budget. After deciding on a budget, we can begin designing your dream landscapes!

We can build your dream Hardscape so you can take your next vacation in your back yard!

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We can answer any questions you may have. We offer free estimates and many options to make your home or business perfect!

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A form of landscaping that uses less irrigation.


Your sprinkler & irrigation needs are covered.