Huskie’z Landscaping knows all about harsh winters, but we want to educate new residents on our winters and their landscapes. If you have never had to deal with a snowy winter, it can be very stressful. Especially not knowing what to do with your landscapes, lawn, and exterior of your home. Below are a few things that will help you survive a Salt Lake City winter.

  • Winterizing your Home and Landscapes Is Important

It is important that your entire home is winterized. Outdoor spigots should be insulated or be purchased ready to handle the winter. You should protect any outdoor pipes. Your landscapes should be handled by a professional. They will be able to winterize them properly. Your sprinkler system should be cleared and ready for winter. It is also important to have a professional winterize your lawn.

  • Snow Removal is Key

Removing snow from your doorstep, car, and driveway is a must. If you don’t want to go outside before daylight to remove the snow, you should hire a professional snow removal service. Huskie’z Landscaping offers this service to residential and commercial businesses. The best thing you can do is get a contract with a company. This way your snow will be removed at a decent time.

  • Calling a Landscape Company is a Must 

Before winter hits, it is crucial to call a landscaping company. They will come out and handle the winterization of your lawn and landscapes. From sprinkler and irrigation to your shrubs and lawn, they will take care of it. Landscapes in colder states are a bit different that ones in hotter regions. We will provide you with useful information and help you get your lawn and landscapes ready for the harsh weather ahead.

  • Tree Pruning Should Be Done Before Winter

If you have trees, they should be pruned before winter. Low lying branches and dead tree limbs should be removed, as they may fall due to the amount of ice on them. This could damage your home, car, and other landscapes. By pruning and caring for your trees and shrubbery, you have a head start on your Spring landscapes.

  • Salt from Snow Removal is Not Good for your Landscapes

Salt is a must for snow removal of the roads. If you live close to the road, the salt will damage your landscapes and lawn. Your landscaping company may be able to help minimize the salt damages. Huskie’z Landscaping strives to keep your landscapes and lawn healthy all year long.