[vc_column_text]Winter will soon be coming to an end. With the end of winter comes property clean ups. As the snow and ice melt, it becomes quiet the mess. Our lawns are soggy and look dead. Everything is dismal. However, all too soon the flowers, grass, plants, and trees will begin to produce beautiful colors. Huskie’z Landscaping has some tips to start this spring off right. Don’t wait until summer to clean your lawn and landscapes.

  • Landscapes

Your landscapes may not be up to standard after winter. A landscaping company can easily clean up the mess and ensure your landscapes blooms as they are supposed to. The colder months can create a lot of limbs and other debris that can cut the oxygen to your landscapes. A properly licensed landscape company will be able to prepare the way for new growth.

  • Lawn

Lawns take the brunt of winter weather. From the leaves to the limbs and other debris, your lawn needs a loving landscaper to replenish it. Your lawn may look dead right now, but with a few tips and tricks such as dethatching we can have your lawn looking green and beautiful within weeks. Spring is the time to weed and aerate your lawn. If you are unsure what should be done to your lawn, contact your local landscaping company.

  • Hardscapes

Your hardscapes are left to the winter elements. They are out in the sun, rain, snow, sleet, and hail. Hardscapes are built tough, but after a harsh winter it is nice to check on and provide maintenance to your hardscapes. Cleaning your hardscapes and waterscapes should be completed by a professional landscaping company. They will ensure your hardscapes and waterscapes are ready for summer.

  • Lighting 

Landscape lighting is built to last. It is meant to be outdoors. However, after a harsh winter, some of your lighting may need to be replaced. Bulb replacement and maintenance is easy for your landscape company. They know the type of bulbs and what should be done to ensure your lighting is ready for spring and summer.[/vc_column_text]