Utah is known for its brutally cold winters. This type of weather can cause significant damages to your shrubs and plants. The wind and cold that is combined with the sun can damage the bark on your branches or kill limbs. It can also scorch foliage and damage flowers and roots. Ice can cause damages to your trees because of the weight. Salt is also a major contributor to winter losses. How do you protect your landscapes from the above? Huskie’z Landscaping is here to help you through the winter months and save your landscapes.

Winter Weather Protection is Key

Healthy landscapes have a better chance of survival than weak ones. It is important to keep your landscapes healthy all year long. This can be done by contacting a landscaping company. They will be able to ensure your plants and other landscapes stay healthy, and that minimal damages occur during the winter.

Shrubs and Plants Need Help Fighting the Cold

Plants and shrubs need a bit of help to survive the winter. This can be accomplished by withholding all water and using certain fertilizers. Your landscaping company will be able to use the proper amounts for your individual plants. All plants and shrubs are different and require different things to survive the weather. A knowledgeable landscaper is important.

Deer and Rodents

Winter is hard on everyone, including wildlife. They will see your shrubs and plants and will use them to sustain themselves throughout the winter. If deer and other rodents are a problem, wire cages and spray on repellent can be utilized. Rodents enjoy plant roots and stems and will destroy your landscapes. By placing mulch and using tree guards you can save your plants.

Above are just a few things that can be done to ensure your plants and shrubs survive the long winter ahead. Huskie’z Landscaping is here for all your winter questions!