Your lawn is the first thing people see when they pull up to your home. You want it to look great, as it is an extension of your home. Summer time is a difficult time for your lawn. It goes through many different climate changes. From raining and droughts to hot temperatures and more activity, your lawn is put through the ringer during the summer. Huskie’z Landscaping is here to help keep your lawn looking great no matter the weather.

Heavy Rains and Droughts

The summer brings rains and droughts. This is a confusing time for your lawn. It goes from having too much water to not having enough. This shocks your lawn and can stunt growth and even cause it to change colors and die. It is important to have your lawn and landscaping company come up with a plan to keep your lawn lush and green.

Hot Temperatures

Hot temperatures are one of the main causes of yellow or brown grass. This can be prevented easily, with the proper sprinkler system. You should consult with your landscaper on how often and when to water grass. Different grass types need different amounts of water. Too much water can have the opposite effect on your lawn!

Excessive Lawn Activity 

During the summer, your lawn sees a lot of activity. From smaller pools to tables and chairs, they can damage your lawn. If left in the same area for an extended period, they can cause your grass to die and mud to form. To prevent this, it is important to move items on your lawn every week or so.


Weeds can take over a beautiful lawn and leave it looking horrible. Weeds can also smother your grass and kill it. It is important to contact your landscaper to determine the types of weeds you have. Some weed killers will also kill your grass. Your landscaper will be able to remove the weeds from your lawn and keep it looking green all summer long!