Summer can bring a mix of heavy rains and droughts. It is no surprise that your lawn and landscapes are suffering. Too little water and too much water can cause devastating effects to your landscapes. Huskie’z Landscaping is here to talk about some of the reasons and how to fix them and ensure your lawn and landscapes look great all summer long.

  • Drought

A drought can cause your landscapes to wilt and your lawn to turn yellow. Without the proper water, your landscapes and lawn cannot grow. If your area is prone to droughts, it is important to have a proper sprinkler system installed by a landscape professional. Your landscape professional will be able to ensure your sprinkler is set to the correct amount and that it waters at the prime times for your individual plants. This is the easiest way to combat a drought and not raise your water bill.

  • Excessive Rain

During the summer, rains can come at a moment’s notice and last for a long time. This is one sure way to smother your landscapes and your lawn. When rain starts to pool up in areas, it can cause your landscapes to suffocate. You can easily rectify this problem with proper drainage systems. Your landscaping professional will be able to check your landscapes and property and design a drainage system for you. This will ensure that your landscapes and lawn stay looking great, even if it is storming outside.

  • Proper Lawn and Landscape Care

Huskie’z Landscaping knows the proper way to care for your lawn and landscapes. It is important to have a great landscaping company by your side to ensure your landscapes stay looking great. With the proper care, your landscapes and lawn will be the best looking one on the block. Our job is to ensure your landscapes and lawn stay green and healthy. With proper fertilizing, watering, and care, we are able to keep the hardest landscapes looking great.