Springtime is finally upon us. The warmer weather and sunny skies are here, but are your lawn and landscapes ready? Both your lawn and your landscapes need care after a harsh winter. It is best to begin your lawn and landscape preparations at the start of spring, as the snow melts away. Below, Huskie’z Landscaping will give you some tips to ensure you have the best-looking lawn and landscapes this spring and summer.

Inspect Trees and Shrubs

Your trees and shrubs must be checked after winter. Trees and shrubs can become damaged and have diseases and bug infestations. A certified landscaper will be able to check your property and ensure your shrubs and trees are healthy.

Lawn Fertilization/ Aeration

Lawn aeration and fertilization should only be completed by someone who understands the process. A landscaper can tell if your lawn needs fertilizer, aeration, or both. If not completed properly, your grass can turn colors and eventually die.

Weed Control

With the warmer weather comes more weeds. It is important that you have proper weed control for your landscapes. If not, weeds can overtake your plants and often times cause their growth to stunt.

Lawn and Landscape Cleanup

After winter, your lawn and landscapes will not look their best. The debris, old mulch, and dead leaves will need to be cleaned from your property. This is an important step. New growth will not occur for your lawn or landscapes if you do not clean up the area.

Irrigation System Inspection

Your irrigation system should be inspected at the start of each season. It may need to be adjusted, or minor repairs may need to be completed. A properly running irrigation system not only saves you money on your water bill but saves time and ensures your lawn and landscapes receive the correct amount of water.
If you want a beautiful, lush lawn and landscapes, give Huskie’z Landscaping a call. Our team is dedicated to creating the perfect lawn and landscapes for your needs.