Fall has finally arrived, and now is the ideal time for tree and shrub maintenance. Certain types of maintenance should be completed during the fall. This optimizes the health of your trees and shrubs throughout the fall and winter months when the weather is harsh. Your landscaped property will need some tender loving care to prepare it for the cold weather. Below are some of the landscape maintenance that is completed each fall.


Certain fertilizers should be used during the fall. This can help to protect your trees from Winter damages. While trees in the forest have nutrients, trees in yards don’t, which makes it important to fertilize your trees each year. A skilled landscaping company will be able to help you with all your fertilizing needs.


Applying mulch around trees and shrubs is crucial. The Winter weather can damage the roots of both trees and shrubs, causing them to die. Mulch can be tricky and, if misapplied, can cause harm to your trees and shrubs. It is best to have a landscaper apply the mulch to your property.


Pruning your trees and shrubs can be done easily during the fall. Once the leaves have fallen, it makes it a lot easier to spot dead or dying limbs. It is also a good time to look for any insects or diseases on your landscapes.

Sprinkler and Drainage System

If you have a sprinkler and drainage system, it will need to be tweaked by your landscaping company. They will check that your drainage system is clear and that your sprinklers are winterized and ready for the colder weather.

A certified landscaping company like Huskie’z Landscaping will ensure your landscapes are ready for the fall and Winter weather ahead and will ensure your landscapes remain healthy and beautiful for the Spring to come!