Summer is in full swing, and so is landscape and lawn upkeep. No one enjoys spending their evenings and weekends mowing the lawn and weeding their property. Luckily, Huskie’z Landscaping can handle all lawn and landscape upkeep for your property. We provide complete landscape and lawn maintenance year-round. Our team even provides safe snow removal services to ensure your property is taken care of during the Winter months!


While you may not recognize it, your lawn does require special upkeep to look its very best. Many cut their lawns too short, damaging the blades of grass. Others drown their lawns with water, creating yellow or dead areas. Huskie’z Landscaping can handle all lawn maintenance needs, including aeration, feeding, watering, and cutting services. If you would like your lawn to be the talk of the neighborhood, hire a landscaping company for your lawn maintenance. You will be stunned at how beautiful your lawn can really be!


Landscaped properties are the envy of most. A landscaped property gives off a special appeal to those driving by or visiting your property. From gorgeous plants, shrubs, and trees to hardscapes and lighting, your home can be transformed with landscape upkeep from a professional. All landscapes require upkeep, some are minimal, but all need some type of love and care. Our team can ensure your landscapes are free from weeds, appropriately watered, and trimmed, to look their very best.

If you are tired of spending your free time mowing the lawn and tending to your landscapes, leave it to the professionals. Huskie’z Landscaping understands the best way to maintain lawns and landscapes and will ensure your property is looking its best. We also provide Fall and Spring preparations to ensure your landscapes are safe from the cold or hot weather approaching.