Fall weather is beautiful! The cooler weather is perfect for family and friend gatherings. One thing that you may forget about is your landscapes. Your landscapes may look great at this moment, but with Fall coming, it is time to begin maintenance on your landscaped areas, including your lawn. Huskie’z Landscaping has some tips to help you protect your landscapes and lawn!

Contact Your Local Landscaping Company

The easiest way to handle Fall landscapes is by contacting your local landscaping company. Your landscaping company has the knowledge to prepare your lawn and landscapes for Fall and the colder months to come. Each landscape and lawn is different and will require different actions. A certified landscaping company will protect your beloved lawn and landscapes, ensuring they will be ready for the colder weather ahead.

Landscape Prep

Depending on your landscapes, you may need to protect them from the colder weather. One way to do this is through mulch. You will also want to prune any shrubs or trees. Prepping landscapes is best left to the professionals, as they know what to use so that you do not kill your beloved plants.

Lawn Prep

Your lawn should be lush and green if appropriately handled. You want to go into the cooler months protecting your lawn. Your lawn may need fertilizer, to be aerated, or need a final cut. The best way to protect your lawn for next Spring is by having a landscaping company prep your lawn. They will know how to prepare it for the harsh weather ahead and know if it needs any care before the first frost.

Water Features

Most water features are maintenance-free, but some do need to be prepared for colder weather. Along with water features, your sprinkler system should also be prepared. Your landscaping company will be able to prep your water features and sprinkler system to ensure they do not receive any damages during the Fall and Winter months.