Landscaping is an art, and Huskie’z Landscaping enjoys taking our art to the next level. A landscape contractor is a must if you are looking for beautiful designs and lush lawns for your property. A landscape contractor can create exquisite hardscape and landscape designs for your home or business. Many people decide against a landscaper when they move into a new home but soon realize how much better their property could look with the help of a landscape contractor.

Landscape contractors provide unique services for properties. Most can design and install all types of landscape-related features, including:
• Water Features
• Outdoor Living Spaces
• Firepits and Fireplaces
• Lighting
• Decks
• Landscapes

As you can see, a landscape contractor like Huskie’z Landscaping can transform your entire property, all while giving it curb appeal and increasing the home’s value.

Each property is different, and so is the soil. This can cause problems when searching for plants, shrubs, and trees. A landscaping contractor knows the soil and can design and install landscapes to fit your property, and that will prosper. Everyone wants a lush green lawn and beautiful landscapes that turn heads. A landscaper can install landscapes, as well as sprinkler and drainage systems to ensure your property is taken care of and with little maintenance effort on your part. If you have been thinking of hiring a landscape contractor, now is the time. A landscape contractor is affordable and will save you a lot of money on plants, shrubs, and trees, all while keeping your property looking great.

If you are looking for hardscapes, our designs are all unique to the property and will compliment your landscapes. We design and install all types of hardscapes. From small firepits and rock gardens to extravagant waterfalls and ponds, we do it all!