Summer is upon us, and with it comes the quest for the perfect lawn and landscapes. We all strive to make sure our lawn and landscapes are the best on the block. Lush green grass and colorful flowers are a great addition to the curb appeal of your property, but how do you ensure your landscapes look fabulous this Summer? Huskie’z Landscaping has tips to ensure your lawn and landscapes look great all Summer long!

Lawn Maintenance

With Summer right around the corner, now is the time to ensure your lawn is ready. After the harsh Winter, your lawn will need some love and care. Debris will need to be cleaned up, and your lawn will need the proper nutrients and water to strive. If you want your home turf to be the talk of your neighborhood, give Huskie’z Landscaping a call. Our team will work with you on a watering schedule and make sure your grass is healthy.


Landscapes take a beating during the Winter. Your flowers, shrubs, and trees will most likely not look great. There may be damage from the Winter debris, as well as overgrown shrubs or trees. Our team of expert landscapers can prune your trees and shrubs, clean up the Winter debris, add mulch if needed, and ensure your landscapes are healthy. We will also provide you with a watering and feed schedule.

We know not everyone wants to hire a landscaper for their lawns and landscapes, but regular upkeep is the key to a healthy lawn and landscaped property. Sprinkler and irrigation system installation can help with your watering schedule and can be programmed to fit your landscape and lawns watering needs. If you are looking to have the best landscapes and lawns on the block, give us a call. We guarantee we will not disappoint.