Summer landscapes can be stunning, but also a lot of work for some. If you do not have a groundskeeper, someone will need to water your lawn and landscapes to ensure they stay beautiful and hydrated all Summer. This can turn into a problem when you have plans or vacations. The easiest and best way to ensure your landscapes and lawn receive the proper amount of water is through an irrigation system.

Irrigation systems are priceless during the Summer. Huskie’z Landscaping not only designs irrigation systems, but we install them and provide maintenance as needed. Irrigation systems can be designed to turn on and off as you wish. By using a timer, your landscapes and lawn will receive water at the right times of the day. Our expert landscapers can also adjust the amount and flow of water for your irrigation systems. Each plant and lawn is unique and will require different amounts of water. Our team can adjust the irrigation system depending on the types of landscapes you have, and the rain amounts your area is receiving.

Overwatering landscapes and lawns can be detrimental to their growth just as underwatering can have lasting effects. Both overwatering and underwatering can slowly kill your landscapes and lawn, leaving you with a dull and lifeless property this Summer. Huskie’z Landscapes specializes in irrigation and drainage systems for both residential and commercial properties in the area. If you want to enjoy your Summer and keep your lawn and landscapes looking great, give us a call. You can enjoy your Summer without needing to be home to water your lawn and landscapes at a specific time. Irrigation systems are also great for vacationing. While on vacation, you can rest easy knowing your lawn and landscapes are receiving the right amount of water!