Summer is right around the corner, and the beautiful weather means more fun outdoors! Your backyard can easily be turned into the perfect Summer spot for you and your family to enjoy. Many think hardscapes are expensive and that they could never afford it. Hardscapes are surprisingly affordable and will add a huge selling point if you decide to move. Below we will discuss three of our most popular types of hardscapes.

Patios and Decks

Patios and decks are the perfect addition to your home. Patios can add a beautiful area to gather with family and friends. You can enjoy the day or evening on a stunning patio with a view of beautiful landscapes. Patios can be designed and installed with a variety of options. Decks can be added to your pool or as a standalone area. Decks are an excellent place for BBQ while hanging out with friends. Our decks come in wood or metal, and our lighting options are endless.

Water Features

Water features are not as expensive as you might think! Small ponds, rock streams, and even waterfalls are affordable. A water feature can add a serene feeling to your property. Who doesn’t want to enjoy a drink while relaxing by a water feature? Huskie’z Landscaping designs water features to fit your budget and property.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor living spaces are becoming more popular as we push the envelope on what we can design and install. From basic outdoor kitchens to full bars with a television, fire pit, and lights, we can design anything your heart desires. Who doesn’t want to have a full kitchen and bar outside? It is the perfect addition to any home. You and your family will spend countless hours outside, enjoying your outdoor living space