Enjoying your outdoor areas should be something you look forward to after a long day at work or on the weekends. Without the proper tools, it can be difficult to really take advantage of your outdoor areas. Huskie’z Landscaping provides affordable hardscapes for our clients. Our goal is that you enjoy your landscapes and hardscapes at a reasonable rate. Below we will discuss two vital additions to your backyard oasis!


Patios are one of the most important parts of a backyard. No one enjoys putting chairs in the grass when entertaining. A patio can solve all of your problems. Not only can you pick the materials used for your patio, but you can have it designed as you wish. Patios can be created using a wide range of materials. We want your patio to be perfect for your property, and one way we do that is through custom designs that fit your property. If you are looking for a beautiful patio equipped with a fire pit and lighting, we can help! A patio adds value to your home and gives you joy as you spent time with family and friends.


Decks have become more popular over the last several years. They have also become more affordable. Decks can be built from wood, steel, and other materials. Your deck can be built to your specifications, and each is custom-designed to fit the lay of your landscapes and to match your home. Decks are the perfect area to entertain friends and family. We can transform your backyard with a deck to fit your wants and needs with custom lighting and unique features.

Whether you want a patio, deck, or both, We have something for everyone, from extravagant decks with outdoor living spaces to patios with a firepit. We have a design to fit your needs and budget. A deck and patio are two important features that every home should have. They not only give you an area to relax, but the space is also perfect for parties and other gatherings. Treat yourself to a beautiful patio or deck this Fall. Both are great for roasting marshmallows and making s’mores!