The holiday season is fast approaching and so is the need for lighting. Huskie’z Landscaping offers a broad range of lighting services to meet your needs this winter. From sidewalk lighting to landscape lighting, we have you covered. We offer LED and low voltage lighting, which is very affordable and is built to last. Below are some of the lighting services that we offer.

  • Low Voltage Lighting 

Low voltage and LED lighting have become very popular over the last few years. It not only saves you money on your electric bill, but LED lighting is dazzling and comes in a variety of colors. This type of lighting is perfect to surround your property or to light up your patio. The lighting gives your home a warm feeling and a great look.

  • Hardscape Lighting

Lighting can be utilized in all types of hardscapes. From waterfalls to retaining walls and decks, lighting can turn any area into the perfect place to socialize. Do you want to show off your hardscapes while you enjoy hot chocolate next to the fire pit? You can! Hardscape Lighting comes in a variety of colors and styles. It is also low voltage, which means it is perfect for any budget.

  • Landscape Lighting

Lighting up your landscapes is a perfect way to show off the exterior of your home. By focusing on individual landscapes, you can add a sense of beauty to your home at night. Landscape lighting is also perfect for security purposes.

  • Sidewalk and Walkway Lighting

Paths and walkways can be dark during the winter. If you are looking for a cost-effective way to light up your home, low voltage lighting is the key. It not only is perfect for safety and security; it also looks great. Sidewalk and walkway lighting comes in a variety of styles and can be designed and installed in many different areas.