Achieving and maintaining an attractive lawn takes work. Regular maintenance such as mowing and watering is crucial for a nice-looking lawn. One way to help achieve the best look for your lawn is through aeration. Aeration can boost your lawn, leaving in greener and lusher than before.  Huskie’z Landscape is here to explain aeration and help you achieve the outdoor space of your dreams!

What does Aeration Consist of?

Aeration is a process in which small holes are made deep in your lawn to allow nutrients, water, and air circulation to reach the roots of your grass. This process helps your grass have stronger roots, which helps it to become dense. Aeration is meant to alleviate the compaction of soil. Too much soil can affect your grass and cause it to change colors and possibly die. Organic debris is the number one reason your lawn doesn’t look as beautiful as it should.

Should I Consider Aeration?

It is important to consult a certified landscaper before deciding to aerate your lawn. The process must be done in a certain way, or it can ruin your lawn. A certified landscaper such as Huskie’z Landscaping will evaluate your lawn and determine what the best route is. If aeration is needed, the professionals will handle it for you. If your lawn isn’t as green as it once was or isn’t growing as it should, you probably  need aeration. The process will leave your lawn looking less than spectacular, but after a week or so, your lawn will flourish. The grass will look greener; it will be thicker, and healthier.

As we have said above, proper maintenance is important for your lawn. Without the right type of maintenance, your yard will look drab and could turn yellow and die. To avoid this issue, it is important to seek the help of a licensed landscaper. They will be able to keep your lawn on the right track.