[vc_column_text]When you think of landscapes, we are fairly certain that you don’t think of hardscapes. Landscapes and hardscapes are on different sides of the spectrum, but they work perfectly together! Adding flowers, trees, and shrubs to your lawn adds a touch of beauty and curb appeal. When done properly, landscapes can transform a lawn. When you add in hardscapes, you not only add value to your home, but it adds a unique style. Huskie’z Landscaping is not your normal landscaping company. Our team designs features from both ends of the spectrum for your home or business.


Landscaping should always be completed by a certified and licensed landscaping company. Professional landscapers know the right plants, trees, shrubs, and flowers to add to your home or business to make it flourish. Our team also designs and installs irrigation and drainage systems, making your landscapes free of maintenance. When maintenance is needed, you can call your chosen specialists to take care of it. They know what features will work in different areas of your property, they also know the right settings for your sprinkler system, which can be automated. When it comes to landscapes, Huskie’z Landscaping has all your needs in one place!


Hardscapes add a special touch to your property. Hardscapes cover a broad range of products. Below are some Huskie’z Landscaping designs and installs:

  • Water Features
  • Lighting
  • Decks and Patios
  • Walkways
  • Rock Formations
  • Retaining Walls
  • Outdoor Living Spaces
  • Fire Pits

As you can see above your options are endless! These elements were originally expensive, but now, they are more affordable than ever before. They are not just affordable, but they will add value to your home! When accompanied by landscapes, your hardscapes will look amazing.
Finding the right balance between these facets can be tricky, but luckily Huskie’z Landscaping has the experience and certifications to ensure your property looks great. When flowers and plants are added to a beautiful hardscape, it is guaranteed to turn heads. Lighting, waterfalls, planter boxes, plants and ground cover can work together to give your property a unique look and feel. The options are truly never-ending. We have many different products that can be designed to fit your style and the lay of your property![/vc_column_text]