[vc_column_text]Lighting is usually not at the forefront of your landscaping and hardscaping plans. However, the proper lighting can really set off the exterior of your home or business. With the right products you can enjoy your outdoor areas after dark. Lighting can take your landscaping to the next level; all while being cost effective! In this post we will discuss some outdoor lighting ideas that will get you excited for sundown.

  • Patio or Deck Floor Lighting

This type of lighting is known as embedded lighting and uses low-voltage lighting. Embedded lighting is a much nicer look than stake lighting. It is also better for illuminating walkways and patios. It can make for a wonderful night time experience.

  • Overhead Lighting

If you have a covered area, low-voltage lighting can give you the perfect amount of illumination at an affordable cost. Forget the conventional patio lights, these lights give you the perfect amount of luminescence, all while looking great.

  • Garden Lights

Garden lights come in all shapes and sizes. Huskie’z Landscaping wants your lighting to match your personality. From regular pagoda-style or rectangle shapes to oblong or rounded, we have a light for everyone. Garden lighting can really add a unique touch to your garden or outdoor space!

  • Spotlights

If you have a certain landscape, hardscape, or water feature that you want to show off, then spotlights are perfect. Low-voltage spotlights are affordable, cost-effective, and really give certain areas the spot light!

  • Step Lighting

If you have a deck with steps, then step lighting is the perfect choice for you. Step lighting gives you the safety, all while looking modern. This type of lighting is functional and stylish!
If you are looking for lighting, but not sure what is the best option, contact Huskie’z Landscaping. We will gladly help you determine which is best for your individual needs. We offer a wide variety of unique lighting solutions to fit your needs and budget![/vc_column_text]