Lighting is a crucial part of your landscapes and hardscapes. It is also a critical part of your outdoor areas. Figuring out what type of lighting is needed can be confusing. With all the options and different sizes and types, it is overwhelming. Huskie’z Landscaping has some tips and info to keep you calm.

Why is Lighting So Important?

Lighting isn’t just for looks. Outdoor lighting serves many different purposes. From security to safety when walking, lighting is important. The problem is choosing the right kind of lighting for your property. What kind of lighting do you need? Do you want pathway markers? How about outdoor lighting for your patio area? Do you want to show off your landscapes and hardscapes? Huskie’z Landscaping offers all types of outdoor lighting, whether it be for security, safety, or just looks.

What Type of Lighting Should I Install?

It is important to contact your certified landscaping company before making any choices on outdoor lighting. Some lighting isn’t affordable and will increase your electric bill, all while needing a lot of maintenance. Huskie’z Landscaping has transitioned to the greener route, choosing LED and solar powered lighting. This type of lighting is meant to give you a lot of light while requiring minimal maintenance, and being low cost for your electric bill. LED lighting generates more lighting than traditional methods and comes in a variety of colors. The best part of LED lighting is that it is low-level, meaning it is less expensive to power and lasts for a longer period.

When choosing the proper lighting, it is important to discuss all lighting with your landscaping company. They will not only design the lighting for you, but they will also maintain it. Lighting can be difficult to install and if not done properly can cause power issues. If placed incorrectly, they will not illuminate the designated areas. These are all issues you should discuss with your landscaping company before deciding on a specific lighting style and design.