Waterfalls are a special part of many vacations, but how awesome would it be, to have one in your own backyard? Professional hardscape companies are able to design waterfalls and install them in your backyard. Huskie’z Landscaping is able to design and install all types of waterfalls and ponds in your backyard. Many people have questions, as waterfalls and other water features are not seen very often. We will do our best to answer some of the most asked questions.

Can I add a waterfall to my pool?

Waterfalls can easily be added on to your in ground swimming pool. You are able to choose the rocks and other materials to ensure it matches your style and look. A waterfall will accent your pool in a way that nothing else can. You may also want to install lights to really show off your new waterfall and pool area.

Can I have a freestanding waterfall in my backyard?

The answer is YES! Hardscape contractors can build a waterfall virtually anywhere. They also have different choices for designs and styles. You can even choose the type of colors, lights, and wall stones you want. Freestanding waterfall can range from very large to smaller in design. The choice is up to you.

In terms of maintenance, how hard is the upkeep on a waterfall?

The upkeep on your waterfall is minimal. It is harder to keep your pool running than it is to maintain a waterfall. Waterfalls are built from materials that will withstand time and do not attract dirt and scum. They a yearly cleaning can be done by you or your hardscape contractor. All you have to do, is go outside and sit by your beautiful waterfall.  The sound alone will allow you to drift off into a relaxing state.

Am I able to have a pond with a waterfall?

The options are endless. You can easily build a waterfall with a pond. Your pond can have fish and other vegetation, like Lilly pads. You may also want to add a simple rock stream that is connected to a waterfall. It is important to talk to your hardscape contractor. They will be able to show you pictures and offer designs to help you choose what is right for you.