Summer is here and that means vacations with your family and friends. You know the basic things to prepare for, such as someone picking up your mail or watching your pets, but what about your lawn and landscapes? Many times, vacations last 2 weeks or longer. During this time, a lot can happen to your landscaped areas and your lawn. It is important to prepare for your lawn and landscapes before you leave. Who will water your plants? Who will mow your lawn? Is your sprinkler system automated? Do you have a good irrigation system for your landscapes? These are all important questions that you must ask yourself.

Huskie’z Landscaping wants your lawn and landscapes to prosper all year long. This is why we are here for you during your vacationing and other times. A good landscaping company will work with you during your time of need. They will handle your lawn, landscapes, and even plants to ensure your lawn stays beautiful, even when you aren’t at home. It is important to work closely with your landscaping company. Give them an idea of what you want handled while you are away, and they will handle the rest. The landscaping company will ensure all weeds are removed, your lawn is mowed, plants and landscapes are watered, and that any fertilizers are handled in an appropriate manner.

A certified and licensed landscaping company you can trust will make your vacation a lot more enjoyable. You won’t have the worry about mowing your lawn and prepping your landscapes before you leave. You will also have the peace of mind, upon returning, of a freshly mowed and beautiful looking lawn. What better way to return from a fun filled vacation with family and friends? We cannot think of a better way! Contact your landscaping company a couple weeks before you leave for vacation to ensure your lawn and landscapes are taken care of while you are away. You will love the service and how great your property looks!