Winter is over and Summer is right around the corner. Now is the time to prepare your lawn for the upcoming seasons. Spring time is the perfect time to perform maintenance on your lawn. A certified landscaping company can handle the cleanup of your lawn, as well as any maintenance that needs to be done. Huskie’z Landscaping is certified and does all types of lawn and landscaping jobs. Below are the top 5 things we recommend.

  • Clean Your Lawn

Removing any debris from the winter months is important. It is also important to rake all areas. This will encourage air flow that prevents disease and helps with growth. It is important to remove any limbs and ensure your lawn is completely clean from all leaves and other debris.

  • Crabgrass Control

Crabgrass control is very important and should be applied during the Spring. Timing is very important. This is why you should have a certified landscaping professional handle your cleanup and lawn maintenance.

  • Fertilizing

It is important to fertilize your lawn. This will give it that extra push to wake up from its winter sleep and begin to grow. It also provides nutrients to help with the heat and droughts of the Summer months.

  • Aeration

Core Aeration is very important to your lawn. It allows air and water to reach the roots faster. This helps new grass to grow and strengthens the root. The timing is crucial for aeration. Contact a certified landscaping professionals before doing any aeration.

  • Winter Cleanup

The snow and salt can damage your lawn. It is important to replace any damaged areas during the Spring. This may mean re-seeding or replacing turf. Before doing any type of weed control, it is important to re-seed. Weed control will attack your newly planted seeds, causing the area not to grow.  It is important to discuss any re-seeding or turf repairs with your landscaping company.