[vc_column_text]Lighting is usually an afterthought in landscaping. People put a lot of work into the perfect landscape, but without proper lighting, it isn’t enjoyable after dusk! Huskie’z Landscaping always offers lighting options as part of our consultations.  It’s time to take your landscapes to the next level with these unique outdoor lighting options!

  • Install low-voltage lights directly on your patio or deck floor (also known as embedded lights). Most people consider stake light to illuminate a walkway, but you can also easily have lights installed directly in the floor or path for a decadent night time experience.
  • Consider overhead lights. We don’t mean hanging Chinese lanterns or Christmas lights. If you have a covered area, installing soft, low-voltage lighting provides the perfect amount of luminescence from above.
  • Add garden lights that fit your personality. Exterior lighting comes in a variety of styles. Consider oblong, rounded, or funky shapes if you want your garden to be a little whimsical. For a more classic look, add pagoda-style or simple rectangular lanterns to brighten up the space.
  • Use spotlights to highlight a specific landscape or hardscape feature. If you have a beautiful tree, fountain, or other special area, use low-voltage spotlights aimed at those areas to enjoy them all night long.
  • Insert lights into steps for safety. If you have a raised area that requires stair access, add some soft lighting to show the way- it’s functional and stylish.

These are just five quick and easy low-voltage lighting ideas to add a little extra to your landscape or hardscape. However, lights can be used in many other ways as well. Hanging lights are great for nighttime dining, while lighted stakes or posts can add the perfect touch to the front of your home. A good landscaping company, such as Huskie’z landscaping, can take any lighting idea that you imagine and turn it into a functioning reality. Use our lighting suggestions to take your current outdoor space to the next level![/vc_column_text]