[vc_column_text]Make the most out of the rest of your summer! Customizable decks and patios are all ways to add unique elements to your personal oasis. The professionals at Huskie’z landscaping have a few important tidbits to share with you as you decide to install or upgrade a deck or patio system.

Deck Details

Ready to install a deck? There are many different decisions involved when considering a deck addition. Every element of the deck is customizable to fit your needs. Most importantly, however, the deck must be sturdy and built on a solid foundation. It is always best to consult a professional for deck-building services.  Here are a few questions to think about if you are ready for a deck add-on:

  • Do you want it connected to the back of your home or further out?
  • Will it connect to a pool or other backyard feature?
  • How tall would you like the deck to be?
  • Would you prefer a roof or an open area?
  • What will be the main purpose of your deck?

Patio Proposition

While decks are typically constructed of wood, patios are usually made of stone, concrete, and other hardscape materials. Patios are also completely customizable and add exterior beauty to your landscape. The options for patios are just as extensive as for decks. Here are some of the questions to consider if you are ready for a patio installation:

  • What type of stone (concrete, flagstone, granite, etc.) do you prefer?
  • Are you interested in a built-in grill or fire-pit?
  • Is there a particular color, shape, or style that you would love to include?
  • Are you interested in a raised patio or one that is ground level?
  • Do you want your patio to include spaces for things like flowerbeds or shrubbery?

Which will you choose?

Both decks and patios add value and allure to your home. When you are trying to choose, consider the primary purpose for wanting a deck or patio. Both are good for entertaining guests. A common misconception is that decks are cheaper; however, that is not always true. The most important thing to remember when making a decision is to choose the right fit for you and your home. Everything is customizable, so be sure to select exactly what you want to avoid having regrets later.[/vc_column_text]