[vc_column_text]Put down the hammer and step away from the piggy bank. You don’t have to break the bank or blow your budget to have a quality, enjoyable outdoor living space. You can make your outdoor spaces exquisite with just a few minor enhancements, or you can add large elements slowly as your budget allows. Either way, your outdoor oasis is much more than a distant dream! Here are some ideas from the folks at Huskie’z Landscaping to make a drastic, but affordable, difference on your outdoor areas.

Add flowers or greenery

Flowers or other plants are cost-effective ways of transforming an area. Landscaping companies know that flowers and shrubs come in a variety of sizes and should work with you to find what fits your budget.

Build a water feature

A water feature doesn’t have to be a giant fountain. Small and simple water features are inexpensive and economical. You may also consider a small pond with a few koi fish, which adds elegance at a lower cost than a full waterfall or larger water feature.

Consider a rock garden

Pet rocks went out of style in the 80s, but rock gardens are popular and efficient. They require little upkeep and are easily customized. Rock gardens are easy to build for low cost or can be as extravagant as you want.

Play with fire(pits)

A firepit is a great hardscape addition that can be constructed very inexpensively. Perfect for relaxing, entertaining guests, or enjoying family time, a fire pit can be as simple or elaborate as you choose, meaning that it is perfect for the person on a budget.

Insert a walkway

A simple walkway creates an enormous change. Picture a simple front yard with a door. Now imagine a stone walkway leading from the parking area to the front door. It looks more elegant than a boring poured concrete sidewalk and is much more affordable. Pathways may be made of large individual stones or can be built of any small stones in specific patterns. The choice is yours![/vc_column_text]