Lawns can either be green, beautiful, and lush, or they can be yellow and have dead spots. The color tells you the health of your lawn. If your lawn is green and lush, then you have a healthy lawn. If you see yellow or different colored grass, you need to work on the health of your lawn. Huskie’z Landscaping has some tips to help bring your lawn back to life this Summer.

Is Your Lawn Getting Enough Water?

If your lawn is not getting an adequate amount of water, your grass will begin to die. If you see dead spots or discoloration, you may want to contact your local landscaping company. A simple solution to a beautiful lawn is a sprinkler system. If you have an irrigation system installed, the proper amount of water will be dispersed amongst your lawn and other landscapes.

Is Your Lawn Getting Too Much Water?

If your lawn is being over-watered, it will cause the grass to drown and die. Over-watering can be very harmful to your lawn. If you are not sure how much water your lawn should be getting each day, contact a landscaper such as Huskie’z Landscaping. They can check your lawn and determine how much water you should be using and how often.

Does Your Lawn Need Nutrients?

Sometimes your lawn is unhealthy and needs nutrients to help it grow. If this is the case, your landscaping company will add nutrients to your lawn. These nutrients will allow your grass to grow and become healthier.

If your lawn is not as beautiful as you want, there is always a solution. The best solution is to have a good landscaping company to help you with your lawn and landscaping needs. They are licensed and trained to ensure your lawn and landscapes flourish.