Autumn is fast approaching! Although the temperatures are still high, after Labor Day is the time to start thinking about preparing your landscape for the fall. Don’t wait too late to take care of fall landscaping chores or you may be caught with an unexpected cold front destroying your plans! Better yet, just contact the friendly folks at Huskie’z for all of your landscaping needs! Here are four ways to get your landscape winter ready!

  • Plant trees.  It sounds counter-intuitive, but fall is the perfect time to plant trees or shrubs. Young trees and plants are more delicate and are often negatively affected by the rainy spring season and varying temperatures. The cool fall weather causes less stress. The experts at Huskie’z can also speak with you about the best type of trees and shrubs for your lawn.
  • Mess with Mulch. Touching up your landscaping with another layer of mulch or re-mulching the area is an important way to prepare for fall. Adding mulch to gardens and around trees adds an extra layer of protection against frost and cold temperatures. In addition, mulch absorbs and retains moisture, allowing it to spread to roots during a dry winter.
  • Pretty it up. Clean up your landscape. It can be tempting to let your landscape go in the fall, since winter is coming. Don’t succumb to the urge! It’s important to neaten up your landscape as autumn arrives. Huskie’z can prepare your lawn by removing dead growth, trimming back plants that require it, and trimming dying or dead branches from shrubs. Pruning is not recommended this time of year, but you should trim things back and remove dried and dead blossoms on flowers.
  • Protect your plants. If you have shrubs or plants that are delicate and cannot be moved to an indoor location for the winter, be sure to care for them before the first frost. Small plants can be hidden under buckets or other plastic containers. Burlap is useful for wrapping some shrubs. Some trees can even benefit from being surrounded with leaves to protect the roots. However, protecting plants from frost can be tricky, so be sure to contact Huskie’z for help!

Planting trees, adding mulch, cleaning the area, and wrapping shrubs and small plants will guarantee an easy winter and successful spring start up when it’s time to get your landscape ready to grow again. Remember to contact Huskie’z year-round for any and all of your landscaping needs.