Drier weather means changes to your landscapes. You will likely need to increase irrigation to your lawn and landscapes. If you are experiencing a drier summer than usual, it is important that you contact your landscaping company. Huskie’z Landscaping is here to help with any questions you might have concerning your landscape and how the dry weather is impacting it.

What should I do if rainfall has significantly decreased in the area?

You will likely need to water your landscapes and lawn more. If you have a professionally installed irrigation system, your landscaping company will easily be able to adjust it for you. This way, your landscapes will get the proper saturation. This will ensure everything stays healthy and growing during the drier weather.

What if I don’t have an irrigation system?

You can check with your landscaping company. They will likely give you instructions detailing the need for a certain amount of watering depending on the landscape type.  Your landscaping company may also discuss the possibility of having an irrigation system installed with you. They will give you pros and cons for your individual property and help you to find a solution that fits your needs.

Do I really need to water my grass?

To keep your landscape healthy and beautiful, yes! Your grass may turn yellow or brown, indicating that it is dying, if not cared for properly. A sprinkler system should be set up to handle your lawns needs. A healthy lawn makes your home look great and makes your entire property look more appealing. If you want a beautiful and healthy lawn, it is important to handle its watering needs consistently.

How do I determine the amount I should water my landscapes?

Landscapes all need different care. You should always contact your local landscaping company to determine the amount of water needed for your lawn. Even different parts of your landscape may require different watering amounts. Your landscape needs water to grow and prosper, but too much water may kill your landscapes and/or lawn. Always be careful that your lawn does not become oversaaturated! This indicates that it is being overwatered and your sprinkler schedule may need to be adjusted.

This year’s weather has been highly unpredictable. It is important to stay in contact with your landscaper to ensure your lawn and landscapes continue to look great throughout the rest of summer and during the fall months.