Fall is almost here and with it comes the cooler weather. The weather is still warmer, but it is time to prepare your landscapes for the Fall and Winter weather. You must start early, as an unexpected cold front could destroy your landscapes and plants. Huskie’z Landscaping has 5 ways to help you protect your landscapes, but it is always best to contact your local landscaping company to help transition your lawn and landscapes for Fall weather.


Mulch can add an extra layer of protection to your landscapes. Touch up your existing landscapes with some new mulch to prepare for the Fall and Winter weather. Mulch can help to protect your landscapes from colder temperatures and frost. Mulch is also perfect for absorbing and retaining water to ensure the roots of your plants get the proper amount of water.

Plant and Landscape Protection

Some plants can be extremely delicate to the cooler weather. If these plants are part of your landscape, it is impossible to move them indoors. You will need to protect them with other items. Smaller plants can be protected with plastic containers or buckets. While larger shrubs may need to be wrapped in burlap. Trees can use an extra layer of much or leaves to protect the roots. The best option is to contact your local landscaping company. They have the tools and knowledge to ensure your plants and landscapes survive the Fall and Winter weather.

Plant Trees

It may sound crazy, but Fall is the perfect time to plant shrubs and trees. Cooler weather surprisingly causes less stress than fluctuating temperatures and the rainy season. If you are wanting to add some shrubs or trees to your property, contact Huskie’z Landscaping. They will be able to find the perfect fit for your property!

Clean Up Your Landscapes

Before Fall hits you should have our landscapes cleaned. We know it is easy to forget about them since Winter is on its way, but it is vital to start Fall with clean landscapes. Trim limbs, prune plants and cut your lawn. It is important to have any dead limbs, dying flowers, or dying branches removed before Fall. This will allow your plants to remain healthy over the Winter.

Adjust Your Sprinkler System

If you own an adjustable sprinkler system, you must contact your local landscaping company. They will know the proper adjustments for the Fall and Winter weather. Too much water or not enough can kill your landscapes.