Retaining walls are usually designed with a specific purpose in mind, as they are most commonly used to stop soil erosion from occurring on your property. Retaining walls are built to keep soil from eroding when there is a slope. Huskie’z Landscaping designs and installs retaining walls for all types of properties. If you are unsure if you need a retaining wall, give us a call. We can inspect your property and help you decide what is best for you.

Retaining Wall Designs

Most retaining walls you see are large upright concrete slabs. You usually see them on highways and interstates. They are unsightly and drab. Huskie’z Landscaping takes a unique approach to each job we do, including retaining walls. We know that you want your hardscapes to match your property. Our team can design a retaining wall that is unique and fits the lay of your property. Our team can create your retaining wall out of a variety of different materials, ensuring that it does the job it was intended to do, all while looking great.

If you are debating a retaining wall, it is essential to have a professional check your property to see if one is needed. Erosion can cause devastating damages to your property and its landscapes. If you need one and do not have one built, you could end up with dangerous soil erosion that could eventually affect your home’s structure. The knowledgeable staff at Huskie’z Landscaping is here to help you find the perfect retaining wall to fit your property’s needs. We can match your retaining wall to your patio, deck, and exterior of your home or business. We work with our clients to ensure they get the very best in service and product, all at a budget they can afford.