We like to enjoy the summer months in the Salt Lake City area.  We know that beautiful days are limited and in just a few short weeks, fall will head straight into winter. Part of an enjoyable summer is spending time outdoors with friends and family. For maximum pleasure with minimal effort, forget about do it yourself projects! Professionally built custom decks and patios are more impressive and less frustrating. A licensed landscaping contractor is the best option if you want to be guaranteed to have exactly the desk or patio you are looking for without any hassle. Although it may be tempting to find a handyman that will build one for less, you are better off in the long run getting a professional, such as Huskie’z Landscaping, to ensure that it is built well and built to last.   Here’s why:

  1. A custom patio will bring you joy each time you look at it. Take a deep breath and enjoy the fact that you have the outside haven of your dreams without the frustration of second-rate contractors or built-it-yourself decks that all look the same and lack creativity. We even include treatments and weather protection.
  2. Do-it yourself decks from the local hardware store won’t cut it. Although they seem fun and easy, more often than not, large projects like this will not withstand weather, not will they be as sturdy as one built by a licensed contractor. A custom deck built by professionals will withstand time and the wear and tear that comes with it.
  3. A landscaped area to enjoy your outdoor experience is a must. A professional landscaper will come in and find the plants, trees, and other products to turn your backyard into a special oasis. For a truly memorable summer, let the professionals at Huskie’z Landscaping take care of all your landscaping and hardscape needs.
  4. A landscaping contractor will determine what works best with your outdoor area, but you ultimately decide what you want. You are in charge of all customization, which will have you well on your way to lounging those summer days away. We can even add that outdoor kitchen you have always dreamed of, but thought impossible or impractical.
  5. Prices. Let’s be honest: people elect to attempt to build their own decks and patios because they only have to pay for materials, not labor. However, time is money, and professionals work faster. It may take you four hours to lay a deck or patio foundation, which is something we can handle much faster. In addition, when you factor in your labor, extra tools needed, and time and money spent on repairs in later months and years, a custom deck or patio is a much smarter investment.

It’s not too late in the season to get started on an outside oasis! Find a professional (like us!) to get started on your custom deck or patio and prepare to be the envy of the neighborhood (and be ready to host a few summer parties)!