When the temperatures start to soar in Salt Lake City, Utah, there’s nothing better than spending time outside on your new patio. Patios provide a great way to escape the heat and enjoy the outdoors. They can also be a great place to entertain guests or relax with family and friends.
Quality patio or deck builder & installation services will consider your needs and budget to create the perfect space for you.

Ways to Keep Your Deck Cool This Summer With a New Patio

Install a Shaded Patio Cover: Shaded patios and decks provide shade and can also help to protect your patio furniture from the sun’s UV rays. Patio covers come in various styles and can be made from wood, aluminum, or fabric.

Canopy or Umbrellas: Canopies and umbrellas are a great way to provide shade for your patio. Canopies can be attached to your house or freestanding, while umbrellas can be placed in the middle of your patio table.

Place Fans Around the Space To Circulate Air: This will help to keep the air moving and cool down your patio.

Plant Trees Or Shrubs: Plants are a natural source of shade and can help to create a more comfortable environment on your patio.

Put Down Bricks, Stone, Or Concrete Instead of Grass Or Sand: Concrete patios are a great way to beat the heat. Bricks and stones absorb less heat than grass or sand, so your patio will be cooler.

Hang Curtains Or Blinds: Curtains and blinds can provide shade and privacy for your patio.

Erect a Concrete Or Wood Pergola: Choosing pergolas and gazebo installation is a great way to provide shade for your patio. They can be made from wood or concrete and placed over your patio or in the middle.

What Can Expert Patio Builders and Installers Do?

-Choose the right location for your patio
-Create a custom design
-Install a patio cover or canopy
-Put down bricks, stone, or concrete for a cooler patio

If you’re looking to beat the heat this summer, contact Huskiez Landscaping for all your patio needs! We provide custom patio design and installation services in Salt Lake City, UT.