Most people have the common misconception that all hardscapes and landscapes are extremely expensive and out of their price range. Truth is, this is far from the truth. There are options for every price point when it comes to landscapes and hardscapes. A few minor additions can really make your property look great and be cost-effective. Below, Huskie’z Landscaping will discuss a few things you can do to revamp your home on a budget!


Walkways are one of the easiest ways to transform the look of your property. Walkways do not have to cost an arm and a leg; they can be quite affordable and come in a variety of options! From stone to concrete, we can design a unique walkway to fit your needs and budget! A beautiful walkway from your patio to the front of your home or to the backdoor can drastically change your exterior.

Rock Gardens

Rock gardens are one of the most affordable landscapes out there. Rock gardens can be designed to fit virtually anywhere on your property and can be tailored to fit the look you want. Rocks come in different shapes and sizes and are a perfect way to help with erosion while making your property look great!

Fire Pits

Fire pits are beautiful and perfect for every home. They can be built out of many different materials and can be customized to fit your needs and budget. Fire pits are popular because they not only add to your home, but they are perfect for hanging out with family and friends!

Flowers and Shrubs

Flowers and shrubs can be expensive if you try to do it yourself! If you work with a landscaping company, they can design a beautiful landscape to fit your price point! Flowers and shrubs can really transform your property by adding vibrant colors and shade!

Water Features

Water features are beautiful, but often times are mistaken for being expensive. While some water features are expensive, all can be built around your budget. Whether you want a small stream, a pond, a fountain, or a waterfall, there is something to fit every budget. Water features not only add beauty to your home, but it is also great for resale value!