[vc_column_text]Fencing has gotten a huge upgrade over the years. There are tons of options and types of fencing to fit your home’s needs.  Fencing is used for a number of reasons. Most commonly, fencing is used for security. However, many are now choosing a fence that is visually pleasing and provides adequate privacy. Whether you want a fence for its aesthetics, security, or both, Huskie’z Landscaping has your fencing needs covered. Below we will discuss some reasons people choose to add fencing to their property.


In neighborhoods where homes are in proximity to each other, fences provide privacy. Homeowners enjoy going outside and having a private spot to entertain family and friends. Even though the primary purpose for a fence may be privacy, it can still be stylish. Fences come in many different styles and colors. Your fence can match your home and look great, all while providing privacy.


Chain link fences are also known as security fences. However, there are many new options available that provide the security you need while looking great. Whether your fence is necessary to keep children and pets contained or to keep people and animals out, a security fence may be the right choice for your home.


Many people love the idea of a white picket fence. That is the American dream that has existed for years and been passed down through generations. Now, it can be a reality, all at a fair price. Fences can be built for curb appeal and still give you privacy and security. These features can be designed to give you everything you need, without sacrificing the look of the property.

No matter why you want a fence, the number of options and styles you can now choose from is the largest selection ever available. The team at Huskie’z Landscaping cares about your landscapes and property and will ensure your new fence matches the lay of your land.[/vc_column_text]