Xeriscaping is very popular in the Salt Lake City area. With hot summer months, Xeriscaping is perfect. It uses less irrigation, but provides your lawn with beautiful landscaping. Huskie’z Landscaping is one of the only xeriscaping landscapers in the area. Xeriscaping has many advantages and virtually no disadvantages. If you are looking for a new type of landscape, try xeriscaping. By using warm weather plants and rocks, we can create a beautifully landscaped area.

  • Environmentally Aware

Xeriscaping is perfect for any environment where the water is scarce or the weather is hot. The plants that are used, require less water and can stop damages such as erosion. We care about the environment and xeriscaping is perfect for those who want a beautiful landscape, but also appreciates the environment.

  • Low Maintenance

Xeriscaping uses low maintenance items to make your landscape. The soil, rocks, and plants that are used require little water and no upkeep. Mowing is not needed and watering can be done with an irrigation system. This means you never have to go outside to maintain your landscape!

  • Less Irrigation 

Less irrigation is important. This not only saves water in areas where there is limits, but it will save you money on your water bills. Xeriscaping uses cacti and other hot weather plants that strive with little weather. Beautiful rocks and plants is used to create a beautiful area for you to enjoy. Xeriscaping can also be used with different types of hardscapes to create a different look.

  • Beautiful Plants 

The plants that are used for xeriscaping are beautiful. Most people think of cacti and hot weather plants as ugly. They are far from it. The plants and rocks we use create a dynamic area with blooming plants and perfectly designed rock beds. Xeriscaping is perfect for residential and commercial businesses and will show off the beautiful plants of the area.