Retaining walls are generally used to retain soil that is on a slope so that it does not erode. This happens a lot in areas where the terrain is hilly. Retaining walls are usually seen near highways and roads and are made from concrete. While these are plain retaining walls, they serve the purpose they are intended to serve. Properties often need retaining walls for certain types of landscapes or construction purposes to keep the integrity of the landscape and soil. Huskie’z Landscaping designs and installs custom retaining walls for businesses and residential properties.

Do I Need A Retaining Wall?

Retaining walls are often used in commercial and residential settings to ensure the soil does not erode around your property, which could result in structural damages. You should have your property inspected before committing to a retaining wall. Many properties do not need a retaining wall. Huskie’z Landscaping can check your property to see if you are in need of a retaining wall or if your structures could benefit from the addition of a retaining wall.

Can Retaining Walls Be Used For Other Reasons?

Retaining walls are multi-purpose. They can be used for elevated flower beds, hardscape designs, and even privacy barricades. If you want a unique retaining wall for your property, Huskie’z Landscaping has the right choice for you. We design and install impressive retaining walls that fit the flow of your property. We can use a variety of building materials to match the other structures around your home or business. We can create beautiful retaining walls from brick, concrete, and even stone. We can use different styles and colors to ensure you get the retaining wall you want. Retaining walls do not have to be boring. We can create them to fit your style while not losing the functionality.