Waterscapes are the perfect addition to your property. They not only add value to your home, but they are also beautiful and great for relaxing outdoors. Waterscapes come in a variety of options and choices to fit your budget. Did you realize that waterfalls, ponds, and rock streams are incredibly affordable? Most do not know that waterscape additions to their property can not only be affordable but make a great selling point when selling their property. Huskie’z Landscaping provides unique waterscape designs and installations for each property and client.

Why Choose a Waterscape?

Waterscapes can turn your backyard into your oasis, making outdoor time feel like a vacation. Family and friends will love gathering around the pond, waterfall, rock stream, or other waterscape design. Waterscapes are relatively low maintenance and good for the environment. They also add value and curb appeal to your property, as mentioned above.

Waterscapes can be designed using a variety of materials and rocks to fit your wants. If you always dreamed of a beautiful waterscape, Huskie’z Landscaping can turn your dream into a reality. We provide designs that fit your wants and your property.

Waterscapes, Softscapes, and Lighting

Softscapes are the perfect addition to any waterscape. Our expert landscapers can choose the right plants and flowers to accentuate your waterscapes. Our team can also add low-level lighting to your waterscapes so that you can always enjoy the beauty. If you are looking to create a stunning backyard area for you and your family to enjoy, a combination of waterscapes and softscapes is a perfect choice.

Rock Streams and Ponds

Ponds and rock streams are completely different waterscapes and are used for different looks. Rock streams are designed with beautiful rocks and softscapes to create a unique stream that can be very relaxing. Ponds usually consist of plants in the water, and many like to add koi and other fish for their own enjoyment. Ponds are perfect for those who want a combination of waterscapes and softscapes.


Waterfalls are everyone’s favorite waterscape. Waterfalls are relaxed and fun to look at and very affordable. Waterfalls can be very elegant or modern. It depends on your tastes. Huskie’z Landscaping provides expert design and installation of unique waterfalls for our clients.